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To monitor the process condition in process industry such as: Chemical Industry, Water Treatment plant, Food and Beverages Industry, Textile industry, Fertilizer industry,
Pulp and Paper industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Gas Processing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Waste water treatment plant, Utility plant,  we need instrumentation that
can measure all kind of parameter in process industry. The parameter that can be monitored: temperature, pressure, flow rate, gas composition, pH, conductivity, Dissolved
Oxygen, Chlorine, Silica, gas concentration, flame monitor, combustion monitor, gas detection, gas emission monitor, fire alarm monitor , security system  and etc. Besides
instrumentation for monitoring, we have product information control valve, pressure regulator, cable, instrument calibrators, fire and alarm system, inverter,  tools , heater,
To force and torque instrument, telecommunication instrument, laboratory instrument, thickness tester, flatter measurement, weather monitoring, vibration monitor and
aerospace instrument. We can help and share our knowledge and experiences to all our partners in process industries. To find good solution we need complete data process

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